Family Friday XIX: The One with the Turkey Day

First off, we hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!  We certainly did. In fact, most of this Family Friday is going to be about how we spent our Thanksgiving. We started off the day by making a delicious breakfast of hash-browns and cheese polenta. After breakfast Ashley started her first batch of cranberry sauce. She ended up making two batches, a jellied and a non jellied. I made a buttermilk pie, a family favorite on my side. We headed over to her parents house in the mid afternoon to hang out and be involved in the process of cooking food (we even took the dog along so she wasn’t lonely on Thanksgiving). Luckily for us, most everything was done already. Everyone arrived around 5pm and the food and fun started. In total there were nine of us: Me and Ashley, Judy and Ted (her parents), Grandma, Bob and Jean (our close British friends, Bob married us at Disney), and Rick and Diane (good friends of Ashley’s family).  These reason I mention all of this is that we feel that spending time with family does not just mean spending time with your blood relatives, though often times they are there…lol Family to us is people who we are close to and that respect and support each other throughout their lives. We were very glad to be spending our Thanksgiving with people that have been fantastic to us.

Here are the fabulous appetizers that Bob and Jean brought to the dinner. There were olives and pickled onions, cream cheese stuffed mini tomatoes (picked fresh from a farm tour last week), smoked salmon on cheese tarts, asparagus with egg salad on crackers, cream cheese and horseradish wrapped with beef, and shrimp and egg tarts. I was very impressed!

The turkey prior to dismemberment and such. It’s perfectly golden brown.

Papa getting the meat going.

I was in charge of dark meat. (Ashley and I both ate a little bit of turkey in light of the special day)

The table. We had all the food on there and passed it along to everyone which I thought was a great experience. It also made the table look nice.

Pictured near the front of the photo is Ashley’s cranberry sauce.

One end of the table from left to right: Grandma, Me, Judy, Ashley

The other end left to right: Diane, Rick, Bob, and Jean. I’m not sure why Papa didn’t get in this photo.

My place. I tried a little bit of everything. I did not however eat everything.

For dessert we had this lovely ice cider from Vermont. I was in charge of the

Two kinds of pie. The first is Judy’s home-made apple pie. The second is my home-made buttermilk pie. Both we good!

All in all the evening went well. We will be having another Thanksgiving gathering next weekend when my parents return from South Carolina. I hope it goes as well as the first one.


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