Family Friday XVIII: The One where P!nk is Pregnant

This Family Friday is going to be about a little piece of news that we learned this week regarding P!nk and the fact that she is eating for two. P!nk, who Ashley and I are a fan of, announced officially Wednesday on Ellen that she expecting. Everyone cheered and clapped and was super excited as if they had found out that they themselves were pregnant. (This reminds me of an awesome side story. Ellen does a show every year for first time expecting mothers around Mother’s Day and is it wrong to want to plan a pregnancy in order to qualify to go to her show?lol She gives away cool stuff! I want to have a baby bump so that I can go on Ellen!!!) Anyhow. She also mentioned on the show that she was hesitant to talk about it because she was scared of having a miscarriage, which she noted that she had one previously. This super scares me, too, which is one of the reasons that should we become pregnant we don’t want to tell anyone until after that 3 months period. Anyway. Awesome photos of P!nk and what her body used to look like HAHA.

And this one is just for fun….

And 25 points to the first person that knows who this reminds me of in real life…..


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