Family Friday (ahem Monday): The One With the Holiday Cards

So family Friday is late this week for several reasons. 1. Morgane was here. Yay! 2. We had way to much fun making mock Christmas cards

Yes, Christmas cards already. Remember back when we said we loved free stuff? Yeah, we still do. Shutterfly is offering cards to bloggers who talk about their pretty and shiny holiday cards. We spent way too long playing around and picking out some of our favorite designs and some of our favorite pictures to match said designs. We used a mix of pictures from this year and last year, including our wedding, because those pictures are awesome, and besides, most of you will be getting an actual card from us. It wouldn’t bee too much of a surprise if we sent you one of the exact cards that you see here.

These are just a few of our favorite cards but you can look at more Holiday photo cards, Photo Christmas cards, and Christmas cards.

I suppose this fits into Family Friday because we are at the point where we can send out photo holiday cards together unlike Ross and Mona (10 points to the first person that notes that reference).  We have sent out cards in the past that have been from the both of us but there is something different about sending out a photo holiday card. It shows that we are together, living our life, and being a family. We are a family (along with the dog, three cats, and three horses), and we are part of an awesome family (shoot out to the Titus people!). We are so excited for the holidays, to send out our free Shutterfly photo cards, and for the chance to spend time with family.

Thanks, Shutterfly!

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:


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