Family Friday XVI: The One with the Family Visit

So, because not much is happening in the Baby realm, I’m at a loss for words today. Last weekend my Dad and step-mom, Linda, came to Florida for a short visit. They live in Juliette Georgia (where to movie Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed, just a little extra info). They came in early Saturday morning and left early Monday morning as I headed off to my new job. Saturday, we just sat around and talked, I made breakfast, and then we went up to Ormond to see the horses and have dinner with Ashley’s parents. We also watched the football game, Florida vs. Georgia, which was very interesting because it was a family divide, Florida vs. Georgia. The game was very close so we were all into it. BTW, they stayed here at our house. Sunday, we went to DeLeon Springs and made pancakes at the old Sugar Mill pancake house. We walked around while we were waiting for a table and saw the springs, the lake and the wildlife. We also went by the racetrack and took a look around. We got home in time to wait for Trick or Treaters as it was Halloween. We all sat out in the driveway and gave out candy until the very large Florida style misquotes started eating my flesh. Then we went to Flip Flops for dinner. It was a good time all around and I look forward to seeing them again. Here are some photos from the weekend:


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