Family Friday XV: The One with the Fabulous Lawyer

Turns out we were right. We should move to Vermont. Our lawyer even told us to. Yes, that is right. We now have a (fabulous) lawyer. I insert fabulous not because he is great lawyer, although, that he may be. I insert it because he is fab-u-lous with a capital FAB!

Seriously, love this show.

Anyway, the whole reason we now have a lawyer is to get some legal stuff done to make us as close to married in the state of Florida as possible. We are, of course, thinking about the potential of having a child and we want the child and ourselves to be protecting in case something were to happen to one or both of us. So, I asked around and turns out everyone suggested the same law group. It is two men that are partners in life and business. (Ashley’s parents even went to high school with one of them because they know everyone.) Anyway, we had a consultation with the lawyer this past Monday. Basically, we just talked about what we would want to accomplish and what we think is important. We discussed how we can accomplish what we want in Florida. His suggestion was to get out of Florida ASAP if that is what we want (and it is, we have just one large hurdle in the way). So he is going to draw up some papers for us to sign and all that. We were sent home with homework. We have to decide all sorts of things like who would get our future child should we die and who would get our money should we die and what we want to do with our bodies should we die. There was a lot of imagining as he put it “dooms day scenarios” and things like that, which is always uplifting. Of course, discussing the price at the end was also a dooms day scenario. lol Seriously being gay in Florida is expensive!

Overall, the meeting went well and we are planning another meeting at some point in the future to get the paperwork drafted. An update will surely ensue at that point as we heard we will have to record our wish on tape. Awkward!


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