Random Update and Serious Blog Reflections

So. I finally posted about our trip to the Food and Wine Festival at Disney’s Epcot. You can view the whole post on Mandi Munches. I am going to try and catch up on my blogging in the next week or so and start fresh. It has been very difficult for me to keep up lately due to several things.

I do have one announcement to make. As of November 1st I will be starting a new position at work (a promotion of sorts, more money but more work). It is a Monday through Friday salaried job in Risk Management. I will no longer be required to wake up at 4am to arrive at work by 5am. I will have an office with a window and everything. This is where it gets serious. The whole point of starting this blog was to give a running dialogue of our move to Vermont. Clearly with accepting and new position at work we will be staying here a bit longer than planned. This is due to one thing and one thing only. We have yet to sell our house. I have not mentioned it on here in quite sometime because there is nothing to mention. Since accepting the job, of course, we have shown the house and this weekend we will be having an open house. Basically, that is how things happen. We had gotten some not so positive news about the potential of selling the house in this competitive market so I applied for the new position. It would be our luck to sell the house in the near future but we should be so lucky.

And now on to the serious blog reflections. This blog no longer serves it’s purpose. I now talk more about having a baby and our daily life than anything to do with moving. I am thinking about making some wording and cosmetic changes to it for that reason. If anyone should object, please do so now for changes will occur soon!


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