Family Friday XIV: The One with No Names

Last weekend we went to my friend-from-work-who-is-very-pregnant, Danielle’s baby shower. It was great fun including the games that we played and the two hours of gift opening. I would post some pictures but I forgot my phone and camera and no one on facebook seems to have posted any. WTF people? Ashley and I were taking notes during the shower for ideas and such. I won one of the games that we played we you aren’t supposed to say baby and if you do you give up you pin. I had seven pins! That’s what not talking at all gets you.

Lately, I’ve found an interesting trend in talking to people about our desire to have a child. Aside from the fact that people are very unaware of the issues with adopting in Florida, oftentimes when I mention that we won’t be adopting unless we are unable to conceive, people automatically assume that Ashley will ‘carry’ the child. Of course I politely state that I would carry the child and I am amazed at the surprise in their face and voice. “YOU are going to have the baby? I just thought…” Why is this so surprising?

Another issue we are having is deciding what this futuristic child might call us and the grandparents. Names are hard. We have talked about many different names but cannot seem to decide. The only name that we have pretty much set is that Ashley is going to be Mommy, Mom, etc. I want a different name not that I won’t be the child’s “mom” just that I think a foreign name for mom might be cool. I just don’t know Ashley parents are so wishy washy about what to be called. They say that the child will come up with a name but clearly this child is no where near learning to speak so what do we call them in the mean time? Grandma and Grandpa? Grudy and Gred? We tried to search into our own background to find names but I had three Grannies (Granny, Granny A, and Granny G) a Maw Maw and Paw Paw, and a Papa (Don’t try to do the math it will just confuse you). Ashley had Grandma and Pop, and Grandpa T. So, here is the big question… What should be use for names??? Give me some ideas people…

The following images were on the first page of google image search when I typed in “Grudy and Gred.”

I just want to link to this blog that we often read called 2 Moms -It can be done. I usually drool over the bento boxes. I think that when pregnancy does roll around that Ashley should make me awesome bento boxes for lunch at work…:)

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