Mickey’s Halloween Party Post

For the first time we went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at The Magic Kingdom. We had never gone because we sort of thought of it as a kid thing and didn’t want to pay all sorts of $50 dollars to get in but after talking with a friend as work we decided to give it a try. We are so glad that we did. We would even pay to go back. We had a blast. The characters, candy, and parade were my favorite parts. Everything, in other words, was my favorite part. Here is us starting the night off with a photo with all seven dwarfs. I think this may be one of the only times that they make an appearance in the park.

We went into the little party that was happening in the Diamond Horseshoe. Woody was in there dancing and entertaining all sorts of small children. We went back looking for Jesse and Bullseye but they were not there.

This is the beginning of the parade. Actually, the beginning was the headless horseman but he is hard to capture. I did get a shot but not as cool as this Mickey head.

I love the drama and the dancing and the fabulousness of this photo.

Meeting Terk, Tarzan’s buddy. Made lots of funny jokes about meeting “turk” and even got a photo with just Terk. Tarzan and Jane were offended but oh well.

We got one with everyone too to make them feel better.

Here’s Me, Terk, and Ashley…

The lines were another reason that we would go back. Maybe as it gets closer to actual Halloween it will be more crowded but for us it was not at all. I even took a photo of the wait time for some of the rides because I didn’t think that Ashley’s parents would believe us. We rode Dumbo and got the purple one, Ashley’s favorite of course.

This is a little blurry but were flying around in circles so give me a break.lol

Another reason to go to the MNSSHP (didn’t feel like typing it out again) is the candy! If you like candy, and I do, then you will enjoy greatly walking up to castmembers all night and getting “free” candy. Everytime you see one of these little globe thingys just hold open you bag and enjoy.

After the party we went back to the hotel room and of course counted, sorted, and traded candy. We are dorks but it was fun. Here is our stuffed bear going after Ashley’s candy.

The stash poured out…

and sorted…


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