WDW Day Trip: Duffy the Disney Bear

I’m terribly late posting about this but better late than never. Last weekend we went to Disney for our first ever Passholder event. We essentially just went to go because we had never been to one. The event was about the introduction of Duffy the Disney Bear. Duffy has been a character in the Tokyo Disney for many years and I guess they have just decided to bring the character over from Japan. The story goes like this: Mickey always traveled the world so much that Minnie made him a stuffed bear named Duffy to take along on his journeys. Mickey traveled the world with Duffy and they had great times and he met many friends. (There is a whole live action show in Japan about this). Anyway. We went to Epcot, where the event was, a little early and rode some rides and ate our delicious packed lunch (yes we are lame). Then we walked around the world. We check out the new backdrop to our wedding ceremony location. I liked it better the other way for our ceremony. This is what it looks like now, pictured with me holding a cup of water and a cookie, of course.

On to the event…

When we arrived at the event we were each given a Duffy the Disney Bear chocolate covered rice crispy treat, which I promptly ate. I shared some with Ashley, too. We were also given water and we sat down in about third row.

We were not allowed to take pictures once the event started but I took this before that of Duffy on the screen. We have a Build-a-Bear named “Baby” and we made jokes about Duffy being her boyfriend. He’s cute in the sailor suit right?

We got our Duffy after the event. They sold them at a discounted rate for the people at the event and here is Ashley posing with him:

He is going to be a character in the park that you can great and get an autograph or photo with. This is the area that is currently under construction that will be his future home in Epcot.

Me waiting in line to take a photo with Donald and Duffy. I didn’t think about it at the time but apparently, Donald doesn’t like Duffy because he is Mickey’s bear. Is it just me or do I look foreign in this photo?

See Donald isn’t happy about me placing Duffy on his hat. He refused to smile for the photo until Duffy was no where to be seen.

Here’s the keeper.

All in all we had a great day trip to Disney and we are super excited about going back this weekend. Every year we take a day or two and go to Disney for the Food and Wine Festival on our anniversary of being a couple (this weekend marks four years that we have been an official couple). Happy Couple Anniversary, Ash! I love you!

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