Family Friday XI: The One with the Free Crap

Okay. So, I’ve gotten calls, I’ve gotten e-mails, I’ve gotten Facebook messages!  I am aware that the state of Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal ruled that “there is no rational basis for the statute” that prohibits homosexuals from adopting in Florida. We are still planning to eventually move out of Florida. Here is the link to read more about the ruling: Reuters.  The thing is that we would want them to appeal because otherwise the ruling only stands in that county and other judges in other counties could still deny the adoption as the law has not changed (even though DCF says that they are not going to enforce it anymore). How this affects us: it doesn’t. If one of us were to birth a child, the other parent would still not be able to adopt the child because we are not married in the state of Florida. Now, that’s out of the way…

We went to the Baby Expo this past weekend! Expos are awesome places where free somewhat useless stuff is given away and you know how we feel about free crap. We are mongers.

Cat was there:

Waiting for the baby fashion show to occur:

A baby in cute outfit:

Okay. So at the expo they had a “Mommy Lounge” and a “Daddy Lounge” and we went to both.LOL First we walked into the Mommy Lounge and found a bunch of pregnant women and new moms sitting around in an incense filled room with low lighting. Snooze fest 2010. Then we walked around to the Daddy Lounge with the large flat screen television set to college football, surrounded by huge cushy couches and tables. Behind us was a full bar serving beer and drinks to the dads. I’m thinking that I won’t be the “mommy” anymore. I’ll be the LezziDad! haha

But, as the mommies we got all of this free crap! I did take a large portion of it to work and gave it out to the new mommies and soon-to-be mommies that I work with. What else would we do with baby formula that expires in Feb10?


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