Family Friday X: The One with the $100 Co-Pay

As of the last time I posted Family Friday I had not yet gotten any success from peeing on the ovulation sticks. I must say that I think the act of peeing on the sticks was a cause of stress and thus affected my cycle. I guess that is why you are supposed to start tracking these things so far out. I eventually did ovulate and have a picture of the stick to prove it…

Now that we have the correct correlation of ovulation and my charting, we are abandoning the stick peeing method as we both feel as though it causes more stress and is just too much to deal with. The charting is working out well on it’s own. Here is the last full month’s chart:

Big news… as in B-I-G news. You may have noticed that Ashley and I have been highly dissatisfied with our provider choices as of lately. I am awaiting my appointment with a new primary care physician but Ashley and I made a discovery a couple of days ago. Apparently, though it isn’t advertised, my insurance plan offers a Birthing Center and Midwifery care option. Holy Crap! When I called the insurance company last time apparently I did not ask the correct questions as she told me that there were no midwife providers on my plan. Ashley was browsing through my provider info online and discovered that there was a small little area that said just a few words, “Birthing Center, Co-pay $100.” Holy Double Crap! Only $100? Just to be clear, it is $100 for the entire pregnancy and delivery. So, I called the insurance again. Turns out that it is true. I called the birthing center and we are waiting for a call back to set up a tour and meeting with the midwife. We just want to be overly prepared and know what our options are before anything happens.

Speaking of before anything happens. We are trying to decide the best way to handle telling folks that we are going to try. By folks I mean those people that aren’t totally happy about the two of us being together, those people that did not attend our big fat lesbian wedding, and those people that might freak out. I need some advice here people. We are of the opinion that when the baby comes you are either in or out. You either want to be a part of our lives and the child’s or you don’t. All or none. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Family Friday X: The One with the $100 Co-Pay

  1. U know my opinion of this, but for all of those who don’t. I think that this particular person really needs to make a decision on what they want to do and prove themselves to u both! When bringing a child into the situation it really seems to change a person but that could just be a show u know.

    1. You are right. I think this person needs to prove that they can be a part of the child’s life in a positive way. I don’t want anyone bringing negativity into our lives especially if it involves a child.

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