Family Friday IX: The One with Pee Sticks!

Friday is here and that means it is time for another post about everything baby that is happening. But before that, I just want to mention that Ashley’s parents have left the country for the next month. Month! It has only been a day and we miss them already.

Miss and love you, parents!

Last Friday we had our good friend, Jenna, visit from Virginia with her baby, Liberty. I must say that I hope we end up with that kind of baby. She is a little over two months old and didn’t cry once when she was over. She got a little fussy and was tired but there was no wailing involved. Jenna parents the way we would like to, that is she travels light and isn’t overly protective of little Liberty. She didn’t freak out about germs or the animals or anything of that nature. It was good to see Jenna and Liberty. Also, Ashley held Liberty. This is milestone. (Even if the baby was sleeping and mom was very close by.) Anyone else have a baby or two that needs to be watched/held/taken care of? 🙂

We have been looking into options for Short Term Disablity because apparently it covers pregnancy and it pays pretty well for maternaity leave.  There are many companies that have private plans (I mean to say not through your employer plans) that offers pretty good benefits. Most pay between 50% and 100% of leave for up to 3 months. The plans usually have a rule about not already being pregnant when you sign up as you have to pay in for 10-12 months before making a claim.  Being able to plan so far ahead gives us the advantage of taking out the plan and not having to worry about saving for the leave time or going back to work right away. Having some reassurance about the money (since we don’t know where we will be in life at that point) when that time comes would be nice. If anyone has any suggestions about which plan to take or a company to look into, CONTACT ME!

We were walking by a Motherhood Maternity store this past weekend and decided to just walk in and check out the maternity clothing scene. I learned that I will be improvising a lot of my clothing when it comes time. There was this one item that I thought I would be okay wearing so I took a picture of it. Blue and gray and stripes I can do.

Will this work when my eggo is preggo? (10 points to anyone who notes the reference)

Pee sticks. Enough said. We have broken down and purchased a box of ovulation tests (because we had a coupon, those things are expensive). We are going to test it out for a month just to verify the charting stuff since we have no idea if we are right about it or not. BTW, the box came with a pregnancy test that may be an antique by the time I get to use it. I’m exaggerating, I know, but it feels like forever. It also seems a little bit mean and presumptuous to include a prego stick.  I remember when I opened the first one, the package reminded me of a cross between a feminine hygiene product and a fruit roll up. Which I think fits perfectly.

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