Three Different Thoughts

Because both Ashley and I are mongers for free crap, we have recently signed up for Business2Blogger. Please note the newly added badge in the right hand sidebar. It is a website that connects businesses that are looking for people to review products or write about certain topics to bloggers that are willing to blog about those topics. Sometimes they  pay you and sometimes they give you free stuff. So, you may see some posts on here for Business2Blogger.If anyone out there has anything topics that they would like me to blog about please send me an email or comment the idea. I don’t expect to be paid but would love to have some fresh ideas!

In other news, Ashley saw a raccoon in the yard. Just one more animal we can add to the “Creatures Living in Our Yard” list.

I also forgot to mention that when we are in Georgia a couple of weekends ago, we went antique shopping and found an amazing deal on a folk art piece by Willie Jinks.  Ashley’s dad collects folk art and we saw this and thought of him.

This one is called Boss Jones, which I think is referring to that little Santa Claus looking figure in the bottom right hand corner.


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