Weekly Update XIV

This week’s weekly update lacks a serious update quality. There just hasn’t been a lot to update about since we returned from Georgia. I emailed our realtor several days ago and have not heard any response. I’m unsure what to think about that. Last time that we talked, I was told that he had several calls about the house but no one that was seriously interested. I guess people calling is better than no one calling. I’m sure that the day someone is actually interested will be the least convenient day possible because that is how things work. Whenever it is, it needs to be soon because dealing with these homeowner’s people makes my head spin.

In other news, I’m so sick of this:

I can’t even go to the library without people telling me who to vote for. I can think for myself, thanks.

I am getting excited about the less horrid temperatures that may be in store for us in the semi-near future. This means that I can get up obscenely early go to run many miles on the beach or something instead of in my boring living room. The only benefit of living room running is the AC in the summer. I much prefer running outside.

This past Saturday Ashley and I volunteered at the Surfers for Autism Event. It was amazing! I am going to try and write a whole post about it a little later including photos so look for that.

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