Family Friday VII: The One with the Butch

It must be noted that the cartoon above was taken from Curve Magazine. Two years ago there was an article published in Curve magazine accompanied by this photo about a butch lesbian that decided to get pregnant and how she felt about the whole thing. I found it very interesting.

“I have always understood my responsibilities as the butch—open doors, fix the computer, attempt to be stoic in the face of illness and pain and wear a bra that adequately de-emphasizes my breasts. Less “lift and separate” and more “compress and unify.” I did my job well.

When I got pregnant, I promptly changed…nothing. Cognitive dissonance is a nice way of saying I just couldn’t figure out how to meld the mister in me with the experience of actually having a Mr. in me. I did complain a little more, in an unbitchy way, about the nausea and fatigue. But I also pretended that these were symptoms of the rock star lifestyle I’d left behind years ago. I continued carrying the heaviest bags, the box filled with our stroller, two baskets of laundry piled on top of each other. Pregnant or not, I was still the butch.”

If you would like to go a read the whole article click here: Baby Butch.

In related news, the blog that I am reading currently is Butch… and Pregnant. I am in love with it because the fellow butch addresses many issues that I wonder about being a somewhat butch lesbian and wanting to get pregnant. Her wife also has a blog that funnily enough Ashley has been reading. When we are done we are going to switch to get the opposite side of the story.

We were watching Juno the other night and got a brilliant idea and solution to one of my most dreaded maternity issues: clothing. In Juno, her stepmother took some of her old jeans and cut the zipper and belt parts off and sewed on stretchy fabric. Brilliant! I have already told Ashley that she will have to do that for me because I am so not wearing those ridiculous looking maternity pants and stuff. Not a lot else has happened in the past couple of weeks.

As you know, Turk is Ashley’s dad’s name for the unborn, not yet conceived child. My friend at work, Lovely Betty, also came up with a good nickname, “Dumplin’,” which she thought brought the little one to his half southern roots. This brings up another point. I said “his” because on that blog I am reading the two moms always referred to their baby as a he because they didn’t find out the sex ahead of time and didn’t want to be disappointed if it was a boy. They both wanted a girl. (They called their unborn little one “Vegas” BTW, which I think is a pretty cool nickname.) We are going to try that tactic as well I think. So, his nicknames are “turk” and “dumpling’” so far. Any other ideas?

Ashley thinks that I should note that I’m not a scary dyke. She doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea that I am super man-ish. I am only slightly


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