Weekly Update XIII

First things first.  I hate home owner associations.  If I see the little snitch guy that drives around making notes of things to complain about everyone’s properties again I might flip out.  He apparently walked around the side of our house to take photos of some dead grass in our BACK YARD.  Seriously.  So, I am expecting to get a letter from them about the dead grass. I can’t believe that this dead grass in my back yard can be such an issue for him. You may remember that we had a little sprinkler issue and it has been fixed. The grass is growing back in so I didn’t feel the need to spend money to sod it since it was in the BACK YARD.  Wtf?

As noted from Family Friday VI: The One with Ashley’s Baby Stuff, we went to ‘the warehouse’ this past week.  I thought I’d just post a few photos of the ‘treasures’ that we found there.

The following items are unfortunately not ours but were in the warehouse:

I swore I wasn’t going to post this because Halifax has enough marketing at the moment.lol

This post was actually written ahead of time and scheduled to post today. In an effort not to spend our trip to Georgia locked in a bedroom cradling my wife’s laptop writing blog posts and articles, I went into writing overtime mode for several days prior to leaving for Georgia.  I will be posting lots about our trip and the things we did and the things we saw and the things we ate when we return.


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