Family Friday VI: The One with Ashley’s Baby Stuff

Just a little update regarding last week’s doctor locating post. I found a doctor on my insurance that is willing to see me and sign the necessary form.  The doctor is located far away from my house and I’m not sure how good she is or is not, but I have an appointment in a few weeks and will be sure to update about it.

So this past Monday, as you may know, Ashley and I went with her parents to the warehouse that I always hear about to retrieve some items. We were not sure what we would find there but hoped that some of her baby things and furniture would be there.  We were in luck! We found her old crib that her grandfather made.  As we were loading it into the truck I noticed this:

I love it! I can’t wait for us to have a baby that uses it and to add to the list.  The crib is in pretty good condition (and meets the current safety regulations!). It needs a few screws that we can pick up at a home improvement store and a little bit of cleaning. We have all the matching furniture to go with the crib already, all of it made by Ashley’s grandfather. We have the changing table (that could become a dresser), a desk, a night stand, and a twin size bed frame that all goes together.

We also retrieved this box of goodies which included several of Ashley’s old toys.  We actually kept some and Ashley got them all cleaned up for future use.

Here is Ashley with the newspaper from when she was born. I’m not sure what she is looking at. It certainly isn’t me and the camera. Note the large pile of pink dresses from her babyhood.

Ashley and her mom checking out the quilt that her mom, Judy, made for her as a baby.

We also got a small table and chairs for a kids room (also matching a made by W. J. Campbell), and a bunch of baby clothes and stuff that were Ashley’s. Ashley said if we had ababy girl from 1984 we would have it made!

We have pretty much decided that when we do get pregnant, we are not going to tell anyone the sex of the baby or our names until the baby is out and about. We are doing this in order to maintain a bit of gender neutrality.  A good friend who recently had a baby, sent me this article the other day that is right on target with our thoughts. We have decided that instead of saying “he or she” we are just going to say he and call him “Turk,” an affectionate nickname that Ashley’s dad, Ted, has already given the future baby. Yes, Turk as in turkey, as in baster.

In related news, Ashley was surfing the Cabbage Patch Dolls website after finding a couple dolls in the box of goodies and found a baby listed for ‘adoption’ at the BabyLand General Hospital with the same first and middle names that we are thinking about if we had a boy.  I won’t give you the actual names but if our names were “John Chandler” the baby on the website would have been “Chandler John.” Because our names are not very common names it was interesting to see them on the site.

Here is Ashley practicing her mommy skills on this baby doll.  You know, perhaps it would be helpful to hold a real baby prior to having our own? Anyone know any babies we can take care of?


5 thoughts on “Family Friday VI: The One with Ashley’s Baby Stuff

  1. You can take mine for a few weeks for a test drive. I know they’re not babies, but at least give you an idea of what will happen in a few years!! 🙂 I’m excited to see a new little Titus…

      1. We’ll be out there for a few weeks for Stewarts wedding next year! Hopefully we’ll see you guys then!!!

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