Weekly update XII

This past week has been a little crazy as far as the house goes.  We actually did get it shown once.  The realtor and a couple from New York knocked on the door while we were home and definitely not expecting anyone and asked to see the house.  Of course I showed it to them but had to ask them to wait a moment while I put the dog and a few random things away.  Another realtor called and requested to see the place but didn’t show up.  At least we are  having some interest and feeling better about that.

Ashley took this photo out the window of the office the other day.  We are adding “otter” to our list of wildlife we have seen.

Morgane tried to scare us into thinking we had committed some federal crime by having these sent our way:

Luckily, we were not in trouble and we claimed that Morgane is of good character as well.  PS My name is not actually hyphenated.

I have been able to run outside a couple of times lately.  Though, I have to wake up before it gets fully light out and try to be back inside before the sun actually comes up.  I am going to try to keep running outside but as my mileage increases (I’m around 8-10 miles now) I will have to be getting up earlier and earlier. I am getting excited for the race even though it is what seems to be forever away.

Last night we went to an early weekly dinner and game night with Ashley’s parents.  It was great fun. I realized that I haven’t post photos of their pup, Cheerio. He is 13ish years old and a Welsh Corgi.  So, here you go. (They also have a fluffy elusive cat named Magic, who is uber-old.)

Next weekend we are going to Georgia to visit my Granny. I am very excited.  We have plans to go to the Special Olympics Horse Show at the Perry Fairgrounds, eat peach icecream, and go antique shopping.  It is going to be fabulous! Here are a couple of photos from previous visits with Granny:


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