Family Friday V: The One with all the Phone Calls

We have begun the task of locating a doctor to follow the conception and pregnancy process.  First thing I did was ask around to get recommendations of doctors.  I happen to know quite a few soon-to-be moms  that were able to recommend doctors.  Then, I called my insurance to see who I was able to see and what sort of restrictions that I may have.  There are about ten practices in our county that are on my healthcare plan. Wednesday I called the ones that I had narrowed down to be my preferences.  After talking to about half of the doctors on my list, I realized that this is not going to be easy.

A little background: Because we want to do an at-home insemination, we have been researching sperm banks.  The bank that we have selected requires (as do many of them) that an at-home insemination be authorized by a physician.  My current doctor does not do obstetrics so when I called to inquiry about a pre-conception appointment I was advised to see an OB. The authorization consists of one form stating that the physician is aware that their patient is going to attempt an at-home insemination and sperm can be sent directly to our home instead of to a fertility office.

So, the first office that I called wasn’t sure what I was talking about so I took that as a sign that perhaps that was not the best place to go.  The second office said flat-out that the doctor wouldn’t get involved.  The third office put me on hold and then said the same thing.  They advised me to see a fertility specialist.  Well, for one I do not have a fertility problem, and two, fertility problems are not covered by my insurance plan.  I called about four more offices and only two out of six didn’t say no right away.  One of them is a group practice in Daytona.  They said that the doctor would have to see me and discuss my plans then would decide if they were comfortable signing the form and following our ‘case’.  That specific doctor is not taking new patients at the moment so I would have to wait at least two months to even talk with her about it.  The other doctor was able to take me within a couple of weeks, but is located about 45 minutes from where I live.  The doctor’s nurse was not sure that the doctor would be okay with that so I am waiting for a call back.

This whole finding a doctor process is actually becoming more difficult that I had honestly thought it would be.  But, I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised, this is one of the reasons that we are trying to sell our house and get out of here.  Anyone have any suggestions for us?

I should be used to complications as this is what organizing my tax information looked like on Tuesday.  I also called and spoke with someone about our taxes this year as they are getting more complicated.  Notice how bored the cat is.

On a positive family note, we went to our regular dinner with Ashley’s parents and sat around the table and played a couple of really fun games.  This is one that I recommend (but beware it requires a lot of math thinking).

It’s similar to scrabble but with numbers. Each row can have up to five tiles in a row and the total of each tile has to add up to a multiple of five.  We had a great time as a family around the kitchen table playing this game (and another trivia game).  Hey guys, let’s do this again!

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