Weekly Update XI

Today marks the first day back to school for teachers in Volusia county.  Ashley would be starting back today, but she is not.  If we are moving at any point during the next school year, and hopefully we will be (sooner rather than later), she did not want to leave a classroom full of five-year-old Kindergarten babies in the dust.  She does miss the kids and may tutor some during the school year, but hooray for her staying home (like it will be when we have our own little darling).

I got a new phone! Here is what happened… I got up early last Monday to for a little run around the neighborhood.  I told Ashley as I got out a bed that I was going and she said “okay, but take your phone so that you can call if it gets too hot and I can pick you up.”  So, I did.  I put it in my sports bra cause my shorts didn’t have pockets.  So, I went running for about six miles, and it did get hot, but not too hot to finish the run.  When I got back home I forgot completely that I had the phone in my bra for about 30 minutes.  Then I remembered.  I pulled the phone out to fine it dripping in sweat (sorry if people are grossed out by sweat but it happens).  So, I dried it off and realized that something wasn’t right.  The sweat had gotten inside the phone and effectively shorted out the speaker and keyboard making it impossible to use.  So, I had to get a new phone.  I was going to be pricey because it wasn’t my time to upgrade so I decided and with Ashley’s approval of course, got a cool phone: the HTC Aria.  It is my first smart-phone so I am mega impressed (except with how often you have to charge it).  But, I can do just about anything with it, including update my blog, check my email, look up random stuff, play addicting games (like Alchemy o.m.g. I am obsessed), etc, etc, etc.  Here are a few photos that I took of the pets with the FX camera application that I downloaded (thank you Tiffany for this suggestion).

Yesterday, I spent a ridiculous amount of time organizing our files, going over financial business, and getting our taxes in order.  Taxes this upcoming year are going to be most complicated due to change in jobs, additional income, the potential moving, and our non recognized marriage. Also, if we are in Vermont there is the additional issue of state taxes, which I haven’t even thought about yet.  One outrageous thing that I learned while researching taxes for our special situation is that if Ashley stays home in the future and thus I am providing the moneys, I must be careful not to buy her expensive things, lest it be considered a gift, and not a shared property.  If it is seen as a gift, it is taxable income! How retarded is that?

I wrote a Guest Post for Italian Food Culture.  Go and check it out, it is posted here: A Little Bit of Italy in Florida.


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