Weekly Update X

We had a fake out of interest in the house last week.  A realtor from a Deland office called and wanted to show the house the next day.  Ashley slaved over cleaning and making sure that everything was nice and perfect (Ashley is amazing).  We were excited to have interest and at the prospect but one hour before the lady was supposed to show up, she called and canceled.  Of course, we were bummed.  But, this spurred us to come up with some new ideas.  The house should be in the next issue of the newsletter where I work, we are going to consider making a small price change in order to spur on more interest, and we are going to be looking at other options.

We dined at The Cellar last Thursday evening.  Neither Ashley nor I had been there before but it was very good.  It will be the subject of my restaurant review at Mandi Munches tomorrow.  I will be posting lots of photos but here is a good one of me and Ash in front of the restaurant.

Last week, as you may have seen on Wordless Wednesday, we had a great bit of sprinkler fun.  About half of the grass in the back of our house, and random bits of it from the front of the house died and so I started to pay attention to the sprinklers and noticed that when the sprinkler’s cycle through, the front and back sections were not working.  Not just one or two sprinkler heads, but the entire section was failing to come on.  So, we knew we had to do something.  Finally, we convinced Ashley’s dad, Ted, to come out and help me fix them.  We spent about two hours in the yard.  Ted fixed some wires that were bad and then we reset everything and thought it had been worked out.  Then the next day they came on and each section worked.  Great news right? Well, they were definitely working because they just came on repeatedly, continually cycling through.  Hmm.  So, Ashley and I got out the little printed-from-the-computer manual and went out to fiddle with the box again.  Thinking that we had fixed everything we went inside proud and ready to test it out.  The next day they came on continually again.  WTF?  We still haven’t totally worked out the issue, but I didn’t see them on when I left for work this morning so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Ashley and I have both been obsessed with going to the library and checking out random books.  I’ve been doing research for a project that I am working on and she has been tutoring and searching for used books on conception, pregnancy, and children (wait to hear more about that in an upcoming Family Friday). So we were browsing the shelves of the books for sale and came across this old video tape.  We couldn’t help but take the photo.

I’m reminded of a quote, “Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?”  lol  I’m also now reminded  of many high school memories.  “Yeah, baby!”

It has been a long time since I have mentioned running but don’t think that is because I haven’t been running.  I have been training for the Goofy Challenge, just not outside.  I tried to run several miles outside a week or so ago and nearly died.  The temperatures are so high right now that I am not even able to walk the dog without breaking a sweat and getting into my car in the afternoons is stifling.  It is literally difficult to take a deep breath it is so hot in the car sometimes.  Anyway, I have been running inside on the treadmill.  I am staggering my mileage, using a plan that I took from a running site and combining it with a plan that I found from someone that has trained for the Goofy Challenge before.  Doing the two races back to back is a little different to train for than just a regular marathon.  Your body needs to be used to running a long distance and having not time to prepare for the next day’s even longer distance. Here is the map for the races from 2008  (click to enlarge).

Writing update: I wrote an article “How to Live Green with Your Pets” some time ago and it was just recently published on Go Green Street.

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