The Land: A Prequel

Last month I posted about my love of plants, especially the edible type in The Land.  I was going through some old photos and found these from our trip to Epcot a couple of years ago.  We did the Behind the Seeds tour where we got to walk around inside the greenhouse and learn about their growing processes and research.  It was very interesting and a lot of fun.

We released ladybugs as the tour guide talked about alternative pest control methods.

We threw food into those fish tanks that you float by in the aquafarming area.

Of course, it being Disney, they have to make everything into a Mickey.  They grow some of their sqaushes and pumpkins and cucumbers and probably other things into the shape of Mickey heads.

This is all very interesting because since we took this tour our thoughts and feelings about food have changed a lot.  Not because of the tour but because of our increased knowlegde of certain aspects of the food industry.  We made the progression to organic over the past year, and now we are cutting out meats.  Ashley is currently reading Eating Animals and made the comment the other day that maybe eating fish was bad, too.  I’m thinking that eating anything is okay in moderation and the correct portions.  If you know what is in it and where it came from, you should be okay.  The real issue is the way food is produced and processed.  Being educated about the food you are eating is the key.


One thought on “The Land: A Prequel

  1. Owen’s favorite ride, Living with the Land. I think we went on it three times, and were going a fourth when it broke down.

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