Family Friday III: The One with the Fortune Cookie

Last Friday, we got take out Chinese with my parents.  We were finishing up dinner and everyone started opening their fortune cookies (which I had placed at each person’s seat before dinner, a family tradition).  Ashley opened hers and then read it aloud, “Your ability to pick a winner, will bring you success.”  We took this to mean, “Your ability to pick a sperm donor, will get your wife knocked up good!”  So, we went around the table reading aloud the fortunes and the two of us got a kick out of her fortune.

I’m still waking up around 4am everyday to take my basal temp and charting everything .  So far the graph looks like an EKG.  It’s all over the place.  It sort of resembles a three year old trying to write my name backwards.  We have however reached the next stage of the speculum processing.  Meaning, it  has been sterilized. This is the speculum being boiled in a pot for a long time.  Who knows who may have touched it prior to use purchasing it.  I’m not taking any chances.

For fun, over the weekend we went to Babies “R” Us.  We just walked around and talked about all the thoughts we both have on buying certain products.  We agreed on everything we discussed about the baby stuff.  We have furniture that Ashley’s grandfather made for her and will most likely use that for the baby’s room.  We want simple solid colors for the room with the exception of a few key items.  We want gender neutral things, cloth diapers, glass bottles, and a stroller with less than five cup-holders.  The stuff they sell in baby stores now is mostly for the convenience of the parents.  I’m glad we are talking about these things now so that we know where we each stand on things later.  In theory, it will save us a lot of headache and petty arguments.

Grandma, Pop, and Judy (Ashley’s mom) checking out the furniture:

Correction, we went to Babies “R” Us twice in the past weekend.  The day after we went the first time, we were looking for baby and conceiving magazines online and found out that Babies “R” Us carried a few of them.  Turns out they do and they were free!  Apparently they want to get you hooked on the magazines so that you will buy the other sister magazines like Parenting and so on.

We thought it might be cute to post a few photos of the two of us as babies on here.

Newborn Mandi:

Mandi, one year(ish):

Baby Ashley:

Ashley again:


6 thoughts on “Family Friday III: The One with the Fortune Cookie

  1. Happy Family Friday. I am digging these old photos. Especially the one with furniture that you’ll be using. How great is that?
    Your Friend, m.

    1. Tell me about it! Ashley is transferring all of their slides to digital and she thought we could do a little photo contest called, “Baby Ashley or baby Stacey!” lol

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