Weekly Update IX

So the open house last week went alright.  We had a few groups of people show up from what I am told.  There was one person, a neighbor of ours, who was looking for a house for her mother.  Her mother is not in the area though and was unable to look at the house herself.  I suppose that they were interested but they aren’t looking to buy just yet.  I’m not sure what their time frame is but at this point, we could work with it. We have been coming up with some ideas of ways to get the house advertised.  I am going to be running a classified in the newsletter at work, which should reach a few thousand people.  We also are going to see if our realtor can put a little flier box on the sign out front and we can make up some nice little fliers for people that drive by.  I know I would take the flier before I would call about a place probably, so perhaps that will help.

On another note, I am now posting other food updates on Mandi Munches.  I am still doing restaurant reviews every Tuesday, but have started supplementing the blog with my own food interests and endeavors.  Here is a photo from my post, Bento Crazy, about Bento Boxes (which I love).

In the next week you can expect a review of The Ravenous Pig, located in Winter Park, Florida.  We had lunch there Saturday before seeing The Kids Are All Right, which is a whole other topic.

We have been reading about the movie, The Kids Are All Right, for quite some time.  Of course, when it was first released it was no where near where we live.  But, this past weekend it finally came to a theater within an hour from our house.  So, we decided to make a day of it and took my MIL, Judy, along as well.  We made a stop at the Winter Park farmer’s market and purchased some delicious fruits, veggies, and pasta.  After the market we headed to a restaurant that Ashley’s cousin, Chef Stew, recommended, The Ravenous Pig.  It was amazing and we will be going back.  Then, we set off to see the movie.

There has been quite the controversy surrounding this movie in the circle of lesbian blogs that I read.  For the details feel free to read:

The Kids Are All Right:Marriage in the Mirror, Mombian

It’s a Family Affair, Lesbian Dad

My Weekend Crush, Dorothy Surrenders

Cheating Ourselves, scribegrrrl

I went into the film knowing a lot about what was going to happen, but with an open mind.  I must say that there were several moments that left me with a lump in the back of my throat and tears in my eyes, not because of a backstabbing plan to make lesbians look bad or like we all secretly want to sleep with men, but because the movie was very real and some sad things happened (just as they do in real life).  The point of the movie is that marriage is hard for everyone.  But SPOILER: the lesbos stay together!

Yesterday, or last night I should say, we went to Ashley’s parents to have dinner with them, her grandmother, and her uncle who is here from Louisiana.  Dinner was yummy.  We had pasta (from our farmer’s market trip) along with cheese stuffed portobello mushrooms and cream squash.

I forgot to mention that this past week was the last of my overtime at work as we have our new staff member on board. I will be working less hours but have taken on new projects at work.  I am now working on a newsletter for our department.  It will hopefully be a monthly newsletter if the first edition is approved.


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