A History in Photos

I was looking through old photos yesterday and thought it would be cute to put up some old photos of the two of us, so here they are:

Ashley and I before my senior prom (oldest photo I had on the computer).  Just want to note we were not together at this point.  We went to prom in a group of people but met before at my house I guess.

We were still not together in the following photo.  We did however like to cook together (which is one of our favorite things to do still).

I just put this one in to show off our tans.  P.S.  This photo was taken by my boyfriend at that time. Gasp.

The day we moved into our apartment together.  We were together at this point for about eight months but apparently still not posing in photos ‘together.’

This was the day after I proposed to Ashley at the Magic Kingdom “Wishes” firework show.  I like the sign.

In Texas for Grandma’s 90th birthday.  Both with cute haircuts.

Our marriage day at the courthouse in Burlington, Vermont.  Love, love.

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