Family Friday II: The One with the “Adult” Store

This is what I see every day at work.  It is definitely not helping those thoughts about babies and being a mommy.  Ashley and I notice babies and pregnant women everywhere now.  Maybe they were there just as much before and we just didn’t notice, but now they are everywhere! 

This was in a non-baby, non-pregnancy related magazine that I was reading.  Remind me later to get cute black and white photos taken of our future baby.

So, in the past week a couple of things have been going on.  I started taking prenatal vitamins as we have been reading that you should start taking them at least 3 months prior to getting pregnant.  There were multiple vitamin choices at Publix and when I asked the girl at the counter about which would be better, she indicated the one with fish oil because it helps with nervous system development in the fetus and “You never know when you are going to get pregnant.”  Well, yes, yes I do.  I got the Publix brand whatever ones (not the ones with fish oil, because I do indeed know that I am not pregnant) but next time I may look into organic or natural ones from a health food store.  A friend at work is taking a prenatal that consists of ground veggies and fruits and things formed into a pill.  That sounds right up my alley.  I have been feeling fantastic on the vitamins.  Even without the correct number of hours of sleep last week I felt amazing and alert and happy.

Speaking of prenatal vitamins, Harvey (the newest addition to our family), tried to murder the dog by knocking my pill case onto the floor.  The dog chewed on it until it spilled it contents.  Luckily, they tasted bad so she just chewed them and spit them back out all over the carpet.  She sampled all 14 pills that spilled because who knows, there might be a delicious one in the bunch (refer to Dog Days for more information about the intelligence level of our pup).  After counting to see how many she may have eaten we decided she would be okay and didn’t call the emergency vet.  She is fine and may even be feeling as good as I am.

On another note, we have been looking into other ways to become aware of ovulation.  Cervical changes are supposed to give you a good idea of when the half-baby will drop.  So, you may wonder, “How can you observe cervical changes?”  (If you are not asking this question inside your head you may want to stop reading now.)  The answer is by feel or visually.  Not that either of these options was particularly appealing, but visually seemed more accurate (and less messy) so that is what we are going to go with.  Only problem is, in order to visualize you need to reenact your gyno visit daily, speculum and all.  Hence our trip to the super-large-two-story “adult” mega-center.  And what would a trip to the sex store be without Morgane!

We had to go to Orlando to purchase this jewel of an item since the least sketchy “adult” store in Daytona apparently does not carry such items.  In fact, when I called and asked if they carried speculums, the boy answered, “What’s a speculum?”  So, we made Morgane call Fairvilla and ask the same question.  She was first put on hold, then transferred to someone else who indicated that they carried both plastic and metal speculums.  She was told the plastic speculums cost $7.99 and the metal was $59.99.  Holy Crap!  Sixty bucks for one of those things?  Really?

And so we arrived.

We did not purchase any sport drinks or Monster products, nor did they seem to be a big draw at the mega store.  We quickly located the item in question and realized why the price quoted on the phone was so high.  Apparently, anal speculums are pricey.  Luckily for us, we were not in need of an anal speculum and the metal vaginal speculums were only about $15.  We made our purchase and got out.

Please do not tell my child later in life that we purchased an item to help conceive him or her at a store with this picture out front.  What does this have to do with an adult mega store anyway?

Goodkin recently posted an article, Gayby Boomers Top Name Picks, about the top ten baby names in America and the top baby names of gay and lesbian children.  It is important to us that our child’s name is not on these lists.  Ashley does not dislike her name, it was just one of the top ten girl names from 1983-2005, making her one of a bazillion girls named Ashley (click on pic to enlarge).

We think we know our girl and boy name, though we are not disclosing that information until after the baby is born.  We have checked and our names are no where near the top ten.   Go to the Social Security Administration: Popular Baby Names if you want to play around with your name ideas.  Ashley has spent mucho time playing with this site.

Anyone have any embarrassing pregnancy or conception purchases (I know some of you in particular must and you never comment!)?  How did you come up with your baby’s name?

7 thoughts on “Family Friday II: The One with the “Adult” Store

  1. I always like to hear how people come up with baby names. Owen was named after the English soccer player Michael Owen – so he was easy. And he was always pretty low in the name database, though it is moving up. For his year of birth it was 60, and he had an Owen in his preschool with the same last initial. And he also had an Owen on his soccer team. So not that uncommon. Kate is in the 100’s, which I thought was weird, because it seems so common. I wanted to name her Abby after Abby Waumbach the US Womens soccer player, but in the hospital we couldn’t decide betwen Kate and Abby and my brother-in-law came up with a song, Abby, Abby, Fat and Flabby, so that was out, and Kate it was. Kate was Baby Launius for about a day without a real name!

  2. This story is a RIOT! (But I blame you for hurting my unhealed abdomen with laughter!) It’s so fun to follow you gals’ journey through this. Keep up the good writing!

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