It is sad…

Last week was the one year birthday of the hospital where I work.  The hospital building is new but the company is not.  For the celebration, administration threw several party type events.  In the morning, they had a breakfast and open house in the administrative offices that everyone was invited to.  In the afternoon they had an ice cream party and celebration.  Our Chief Operations Officer gave a nice talk about how far we have come in the past year.  They had cupcakes, ice cream, water, sodas, etc.  Also, they gave out party hats and blowers!

Yes, I took photos.

All this got me thinking.  It is sad that we are going to have to move over a thousand miles.  Don’t get me wrong.  We are both happy to be headed out of the state of Florida.  It is just sad on principle.  We will be leaving our jobs, our family, our friends, and our life in order to start a new life.  We are reassured every day that this is the right decision for us.  Now even more that we are thinking baby thoughts, we want to be in a place that recognizes us as two people that are more than roommates.  The fact that we have to move in order to achieve that is the sad part.  Luckily, one of the places we can live with rights is also a place we love and we cannot wait to get there!


2 thoughts on “It is sad…

  1. Makes me very sad that this pathetic state will not recognize ur marriage and then child, it just shows me that we as a nation are not evolving and still stuck in an old rut! Things have changed and everyone has the right to love who they want! U guys share an amazing love and ur child is going to be very lucky to have both of u will miss u guys sooo much! 😦

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