Weekly Update VIII

The big deal this past week was our somewhat unexpected visit from Morgane! Yay for that!  We decided to pick her up from the airport so that she could surprise her mom with a visit.  There was only one issue with this, her flight arrived at 10:38pm (which turned into 11pm after a delay) and I had to work the next morning at 5am.  I must say that though this was one  of those young, reckless, what-was-I-thinking decisions, but it was totally worth it.  Incidentally, the next day I felt fine (which I attribute to a brand new vitamin supplement that I will discuss in more detail on this weeks Family Friday).  We got to spend a good bit of time with her and were very sad to see her leave!  Stay tuned for Family Friday, where Morgane makes a hilarious appearance.

Ashley just started a big project for her parents.  She is transferring all of their slides into digital photo files.  She has found some great ones so far including baby-Ashley in the pool, her young mother, and her parents’ vacation photos.

As it turns out, we didn’t have an open house last Sunday.  We had one yesterday instead.  We also had a call from the realtor on Thursday.  He spoke with a few people that were interested in seeing the house.  They may or may not have found out about the house from the fliers that he sent out.  I don’t care how they find out about the house so long as they do.  I don’t know how the open house went just yet but let me just say if there is positive news, you will read about it.  You may even hear me shout it from the top of a building.

Our KB construction manager and customer service moron finally made it to our house after he failed to show up to two scheduled meetings.  He basically said there was nothing he could do about 95% of our concerns.  The only thing he said he could fix was a normal settling crack, of which we had two.  So he sent some guys down to work on it about ten minutes after he left.  His customer service is about the worst that I’ve seen.  Ever.  So, the two guys go to work and about ten minutes after they have been at the house they announce they are done and start to leave.  Luckily, I walked out and noticed that they had fixed the cracks but at the price of two large white areas on the wall.  “So, when will the painter be out to fix those areas?” I asked.  Uh. They had no idea.  They said they would let Mr. K. B. Nightmare know.  So, they left and I waited and I waited some more until finally I had to leave for work.  So, I called Mr. Nightmare.  The painters would be able to come by the next day, he said.  Okay, great.  The next day no one came even after I called to specify that we were home and waiting.  So, I called back the next day and spoke with Mr. Nightmare.  He said this time that the painters would be out at 2pm the next day.  I suppose you can guess what happened?  I ended up painting the walls myself with the left over paint I had in the garage at 10pm the night before someone was supposed to be coming to see the house.  I was not happy.  I will be writing KB a letter.  Also, sorry about all the ranting.

I have been at my steady freelance gig for over a week now and have actually gotten paid for writing articles.  Amazing.  I also wrote an article about our wedding at Disney that was published in the Passporter Newsletter this past Thursday. Check it out on their site: “A Magical Wedding Day.” The newsletter is subscribed to by more than 48,000 people.  Wow.  I must say the day it appeared I saw a huge spike in the stats for my site as it was linked in the article.


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