Family Friday: The One with the Growing Garden

This is the first Family Friday!  Basically, Fridays will now be dedicated to posting about our family, other families, and family topics or issues.  Mostly you will find that Friday is dedicated to writing about our process of creating our own family.  I’m giving this warning outright: there will be future posts about conception (and if all goes well), pregnancy (and if all goes well), giving birth.   Sometimes the post may be more information than you wanted to know but then again, if you are reading this, you do want to know.  So let me catch you up to where we are now.

We have talked about having or adopting children for quite some time.  Recently, I posted about our Baby Steps.  If you have not read this you must go there now and read it.  Yes, right now.

If you did go and read Baby Steps, you will know that we are planning to inseminate me (Mandi) and that we would like this to happen sometime in the near future.  A safe estimate would be in six months or so.   Ashley has no desire to birth anything and I do so it works out great.  We have taken a few steps worth noting.

First, Ashley ordered this book:

It seems appropriate.  We have been reading every book we can find about pregnancy and getting pregnant but let’s be honest, me getting pregnant is going to be quite a different process than most women.  We do not have unlimited seedlings and cannot leave it up to random chance or guessing.  We need something more concrete than guessing… Alas, educated guessing!

Thus, our second step was to head over to the store and buy a basal thermometer.  We have read quite a bit about charting your basal temperature in order to determine the exact day of ovulation.  People do this.  It’s a real thing.  Apparently, based on the temps you can make the educated guess as to what day would be the best for planting the seed.  (Total side note:  I’m reminded of the movie Now and Then when Chrissy asked her mother about sex and her mother went into this long ranting about women having a garden and needing a big hose to water it… oh my).  Anyway, charting must start months before the actual trying starts so that you can interpret the data and predict the best time.

At the store I must say that I was a little concerned that your basal temperature must be taken in unmentionable places.  Luckily, I discovered otherwise.  Still, I have to wake up at about the same time every day to take my temp.  This wouldn’t be so bad if you got up around 8am or even 6am for work, but 4am???  I have to get up at 4am to be at work on time three days a week.  So, according to the ‘professionals’ I must wake up within an hour of that time each day in order to get accurate readings for my chart.  Thus, the sleepless nights and crankiness begin.

Anyone have any fun family making stories to share?


2 thoughts on “Family Friday: The One with the Growing Garden

  1. U were correct I wasn’t dissapointed! I wanted more though I guess u can drop bombs next Friday! I am looking forward to this process for the both of u. Excitement and anticipation is going to fo through u more then once, I hope and pray that when u finally get ur little swimmers they take time number 1 and then the real fun begins! I can’t wait ahhhh

  2. Hi Mandi-
    I came across your blog and really enjoyed it and particularly noticed that you and your partner are looking to start a family. I’d love to chat with you about writing/blogging for our site The Next Family. Take a look at it and let me know if you are interested

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