Oh la la…

I’ve been thinking about doing a Gaga post for a while now but was never sure about it.  Today is the day!

I have just got to say that I love listening to Lady Gaga.  She is so outrageous and weird and yet fantastic.  I have completely bought into her act.  I even bought her CD which says a lot as I have not purchased many CD’s in the past several years.  Here she is on the cover of Out Magazine:

And inside Out Magazine:

I didn’t care for her at first.  I would change the station when her songs came on but then she was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  During the interview, she was talking about how when she was in high school she was weird and people made fun of her and she never fit in.  (Can you imagine?  Teenagers making fun of weird kids?)  I liked what she had to say about making everyone feel like being different was okay.  Her support of the gays doesn’t hurt either:

I must make this hilarious note about Lady Gaga.  There was a girl at Spruce Creek that was a little bit different and certainly not the most outgoing person but very intelligent.  I joked to Ashley when Lady Gaga became popular that she reminded me of this girl (who I will not name because I know that some of you know who I am talking about).  Every time one of her songs came on, I joked that Gaga could be this girl and we wouldn’t even know.  Then I found out her real name, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and that she actually went to high school in New York and my joke wasn’t funny anymore.  I also found out that she is younger than we are and then the joke was on me.


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