Weekly Update VII

A short update about the house, not that anything has happened.  I spoke to Rich, our realtor, and was told that he is sending out mailers for our listing and will be scheduling another caravan with the east county folks for the next week or so.  I feel like he is definitely trying to get the house sold by our original deadline.  I’m not so worried about what he is doing as much as I am about how successful he will be.  The reality is that the market sucks and there are very few buyers at the moment.  We are still holding strong with our deadline and got the approval to advertise and try to sell our house ourselves.  If we find the buyer the commission is reduced and we can sell the house for less.  Also, the paperwork and legal crap will be taken care of by Rich.  So, we have listed a few ads and will be getting more aggressive as time goes by.  We have actually had several people contact us through our listings online so that is encouraging.  A realtor from Rich’s office had an open house yesterday but we haven’t heard how that went.  Hopefully, there as a decent turn out.  The house looked amazing!

We finally have a new employee at work to take the position that was empty.  She will start training Wednesday morning and within another week or so the schedule should be back to normal.  I’m not complaining about all of the time that I worked because the extra money will definitely be useful.  I am also doing a couple of side gigs now.  Here is a clue as to what one is:

The other is writing related.  I’m doing freelance now and actually getting paid! Yay! Now all I need to do is write a book that becomes a best seller and I’ll have it made.  Don’t laugh, it could happen.  Someday.  Far from now.

Here is an article that I wrote for Jane has a Job last week:  “Healthy Habits for Working Women”

We decided to check out the New Smyrna Beach farmer’s market this past Saturday and discovered just how sad it is to live in an area where farmer’s markets aren’t “the thing.”  We bought one eggplant and two tiny bell peppers because… well that’s just about all there was.  We cannot wait to move!

Sunday night we had dinner at Ashley’s parent’s house and her dad, Ted, was saying how he wanted a slide projector.  So, we looked on Craigslist, found one, emailed the lady, heard back, called the lady, drove to her house, bought it, drove home, and viewed their old slides.  Instant gratification is amazing!

And lastly… An important announcement:  Ashley and I are going to be launching “Family Fridays” this Friday, July 16, 2010.  Basically, as you may have read in last week’s post Baby Steps, we are beginning the process of having our very own, real live baby.  We are going to dedicate “Family Fridays” to the task of blogging on the topics of having a non-traditional or modern family, getting pregnant, baby stories, etc.  There are already things to be said as Ashley and I have been reading and researching this topic intensely!  We have also acquired a few interested items to aide us in our process so check out the post this Friday to get the details…


4 thoughts on “Weekly Update VII

  1. Sounds like a lot is happening and it’s all postive so that’s great news. I read the article, HHFWW, and it’s well written, Actually, I can apply it to my life as well. I know that you were writing it for a women’s publication but Health Living is Healthy Living and I’m sure that you would agree. I definately believe in tons and tons of water. Especially after I drink a lot of wine. Okay, maybe the wine part isn’t part of healthy living but the French seem to be doing okay. I can’t wait to hear about your house updates. I’m always very excited to hear housing stories. Oh, I’ll be sure to come back for Family Fridays. What a great idea.
    Your Friend, m.

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