Dog Days

As this is my first weekend off in quite a while, I had no idea what to do.  I was reading on the inter-webs and Ashley made me go and read Hyperbole and a Half.  The post was about dog intelligence testing.  It was hilarious because sometimes I wonder about my little pup, Snickers.  She may have been kicked in the head by horses a few too many times or something.  After reading the post, we looked up the Dog IQ Test it was referring to and tried it out on the dog.  She definitely is not the brightest crayon in the box, BUT, she scored 18 and according to the site, “Your dog is smart, but won’t go to Harvard.”  Yay!

I have been wanting to do something fun with Snickers like agility training but haven’t gotten around to it.  With my new confidence that she could learn the stuff I decided to get out the weave poles that Ashley and Papa got me at a garage sale and give them a try.  I made Ashley look up the best way to teach her to “weave” and then set everything up in the living room (Florida is way too hot for outside shenanigans in the summer):

Basically, I started really slow.  I took two poles and put them about 2 feet apart.  After she got the hang of running through them straight on, I turned them at an angle.  Whens he got the hang of that I put them closer together and so on.  She responded fairly well to the “weave” command for her tiny treats.  I stopped after she did it right a couple times without any help.  We will work on it more and more until hopefully I can give her the command and she will weave through them.

The dog was worn out after all the IQ testing and weaving.

Now for a lazy Saturday afternoon…

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