Weekly Update VI

First thing for this week is announcing the winners of the random and best comment on my poll about coffee refills.  If you missed this check it out here: Coffee Poll.  Here are all of the results and comments:

56% Yes

22% No

22% What?

1. Gina: Maybe you *should* but then again, you don’t get free refills of root beer after you finish your float!

2. Judy: If I order a $3.00 cup of coffee and Ted orders a $5.00 expresso, I feel we should both be able to get a refill of coffee. The restaurant has already made a big profit on both of our coffees and giving another cup of coffee to both of us is a cheap way to make the customer happy. Servers seem to be willing to do this even if the manager doesn’t agree.

3.  Stacey: I voted no just cause Judy voted yes! 🙂 Kidding. I don’t drink coffee so I say no because if I were to order espresso or a non regular coffee it would be because that’s what I wanted to drink. I wouldn’t want a regular cup of coffee.

4. Lynne: Yes of course! Do I win? Do I win? Do I win?

5. Danielle: I don’t even think most places serve high priced coffee except coffee houses at that point if u are going there to buy coffee and its gourmet they are not gonna refill it, those beans cost mucho denero! So if u pay 15 bucks for a cup that’s all u get a cup! No refills! Other places I understand cause they get the cheap stuff :)

6. Ted: Why? It should be to please the customer who should most always be right.

And the winner of the Best Comment is…. Gina!

The random winner (from random.org) is…. Stacey!

(Clearly this is not rigged as now I have to mail things to the two furthest away people! lol As a side note: Stacey, you will finally get your photos)

Here is what the winners will be receiving:

So my life lately has included a lot of working which is great.  Last week I worked a few evening shifts and had to wear my glasses because of an annoyingly sly eye stye (Ashley developed one later in the week)!  Here are a couple of pics from working the evening shift at work:

A beautiful sunset from the front entrance:

Here are a couple of articles that were published this past week that I wrote:

Kashimashi Manga Series

US Obestiy Rates on the Rise (PS this one was a 1st page Google News article, too!)

Stay tuned for my 4th of July post with photos and fire galore…


3 thoughts on “Weekly Update VI

  1. Woohoo….I’m getting my photos!! 🙂 I haven’t been able to nag you too much because we’ve been so busy…THANKS!

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