July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Today would have been my (Ashley) grandpa’s 89th birthday. Every year we would go over to the grandparents house for pool, barbecue, and fireworks.  This is still what I expect for a great 4th of July.

Happy Birthday Pop!

Did you know that America’s Independence was actually declared by Continental Congress on July 2nd?  It was even published in the Pennsylvania Evening Post on July 2, 1776.   Then why do we celebrate on the 4th, you ask…?  Well,  the document justifying this act of Congress was adopted on the 4th (ahem* The Declaration of Independence).  That year Congress actually celebrated our new Independence on July 8th when they had a huge party and parade in Philadelphia.

Moral of the story… putting excessive value on celebrating something on one day is ridiculous.  Celebrate everything everyday, appreciate what you have, and live without regrets.

You can read more Independence Day Myths here.


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