The Land

I love plants.  I’m terrible at keeping them alive which makes no sense because I really do love them.  I especially love plants that are edible.  (Just a side note… I’m really into beets at the moment.  You can eat the root, stem, and leaves of beets.  What an amazing plant.)  Because I love plants one of my favorite rides at Disney is The Land.  For those of your that don’t know, this is a ride that takes you through a tour of different ecosystems, a brief  history of farming in America, and then takes a tour through Epcot’s own greenhouse of experimental growing systems.

This was taken from inside the aqua farming area on the ride.

The things they manage to grow are amazing.

Like I said. Amazing.  And also very large.

They grow tomatoes on trees!

They also have a lab where they test the plants and produce (which they use in the Garden Grill).  This is a recent addition to the greenhouse.  The fish and the plants help each other out.

As for our plants, they are still alive and making progress.  Our largest two tomato plants are blooming up a storm but no fruit.  Our other plants, all started from seeds later than they should have been are now getting larger and filling out, but still no peppers.  We are hanging in there…

6 thoughts on “The Land

  1. The hydroponic garden tour of “The Land” is my favorite thing at Epcot! I remember being AMAZED by the tomato tree and squashes growing vertically and hanging down….actually inspired me to become a gardener!

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  3. That’s Owen’s favorite ride too. We went on it three times. And he wanted to go a fourth but it broke down. We’re growing tomatoes, corn, peppers, artichokes, and cucumbers. The tomatoes are going crazy. We have tons of huge green tomatoes, I’m hoping a few will turn red before we go to Minnesota in August. The corn had tons of ants on it, so not sure if those will stay alive. The artichoke plants are going crazy. We’ve got a few very large cucumbers and we have like 6 pepper plants and none have started growing a fruit yet. They all have flowered, but nothing comes out…So we’ll see. Good luck with yours.

  4. Gina: I remember going to Epcot with you way back! I love the land and wish I could grow things like they do.

    Michelle: I’m going to need it.

    Stacey: I wouldn’t have guessed that would be Owen’s favorite. I love it because it’s different everytime. They are always growing something new or different!

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