Weekly Update V

Here is what is happening:  I’ve been working a lot the past week.  We had someone quit in our department while another person was on vacation so we were half the team we normally are.  We are looking for a new member but that will take a little time.  I have been working every day.  I get a day off on Tuesday and then will be working non stop again, which I am okay with because I get to make extra money!

So, I’ve officially registered for the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World.  The Goofy Challenge is a combination of two races, the Half-marathon and the Marathon.  The Half-Marathon is scheduled for January 8, 2011 and the Marathon is scheduled for the very next day, January 9, 2011.  I know what you are thinking… Are you crazy? Running 39 miles in less than 36 hours! What’s wrong with you?…but I don’t care.  I am going to get this thing done!  I have been planning to run Marathon for quite some time now and when I heard about the Goofy Challenge and the extra medal that you get to do both, I was hooked.  Here are the medals from 2009:

I have been at least training and running already for many months.  I started back in February with a goal of running a 5K with Morgane and now I’m going full speed ahead.  Completing the Goofy challenge will be my last hooray before Ashley and I attempt to start a family.  Which brings me to my next topic.

Babies!  A great friend of our from way back just had a baby!  Jenna and Lane are the parents of a very cute little girl, Liberty Conaway.  Congrats!  Also, on the topic of babies I found this very touching blog called The Daddy Diaries.  It has been up since 2007 so I must be slow but it was so touching to read.  I recommend starting from the beginning!

I think I mentioned this before, but I will be posting two restaurant reviews at Mandi Munches per week for the next few weeks.  I will also be posting a random guest restaurant review written by my FIL, Ted.  Look for it as I’m sure it will be entertaining.  By the way, the last day for voting in my poll and winning a prize by commenting your reason is tomorrow!  I will be posting the winners and a photo of the prizes next week.

We are thinking about listing our house ourselves.  Not right away but if we don’t see any action sometime soon I will be making something happen myself.  Our realtor has not proved to be any more effective than the last lady.  We have emailed and not gotten response right away and he has not done the caravan that was promised weeks ago.  When we were looking at houses before we bought a couple of years ago we ran into a lady that was showing her house herself.  She had a deal with her realtor that if she showed the house and found a buyer that she could sell it herself and avoid the commission.  We may mention this to the guy to get things going.  Has anyone had a By Owner experience or any recommendations?

By the way, I wrote an article that was published yesterday on a Google News Certified site and my article made it to the front page of Google Health News!  Go read it here:  National HIV Testing Day Mixed Results

Yes, I was dorky enough to screen shot it! Ha.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Update V

  1. Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that we have sold both of our last two houses without a realtor. The first one, we were lucky enough to be on a City Home Tour and advertised it during the tour of 300 people walking through our house. We had four offers that week. The 2nd one, we created a website and linked it to “For Sale By Owner”. It basically listed it as an MLS just like your Realtor would do. The difference is that people connect right to you and then you have to show the house yourself which I personally like to do. The buyer sumbits the offer to you and you have your attorney do everything else. Mine charged us $750.00. Compare that to what a Realtor would ask. All that said, I do use a Realtor to buy a house since the seller pays his/her fees. It will protect you in the long run. However, I usually find the house myself and have my Realtor draw up and make our offer.
    Okay, I know that was probably more info that you ever needed but I thought that it might help.
    If this works, here is a link to the site from the last house we sold. My Partner Fred created it. I don’t know why it still says Under Contract and I can’t believe he didn’t shut the site down. Anyway, good luck to the both of you. I’ll be watching.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. M: Thanks so much for the advice! We are going to consider our by owner options if we aren’t making any progress soon. We would really like to get up north before the winter.

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