A Loony Day

I knew this morning when I was driving to work at 4:30am that it was going to be a special day.  For one, I was awake at that hour which is always a questionable way to begin a day.  Also, I noticed that the moon is getting quite full.  Tomorrow is the actual full moon so we’ll see how interesting it is at work tomorrow but if today is any indicator it should be interesting.

So. I was sitting at the front desk today and a lady walked in from the parking lot and up to the desk.  She leaned over the front of the desk and dropped a used syringe and needle right in front of me.  So, I did what anyone in my position would do, I looked at her funny.  She then explained that she had found it in the parking lot.  She seemed to think that this was adequate explanation for why she picked up a mysterious needle with no gloves and carried it into the building.  Of course, I took care of the problem (with gloves and a sharps box) but I’m still trying to figure out what she was thinking.  Anyone have any ideas?

Not long after that lady left the desk a group of people come up to request some information.  It is very common to see people with soda cans and bottles walking around.  The lady that walked up with this group of people was uncommon.  She was not a slight lady and was carrying a two liter bottle of soda in her hand like it was nothing.  I thought, maybe she is just sharing or something.  Maybe she is going to whip out some cups from her giant pocketbook and have a party.  Maybe she has some chips in the bag, too.  You never know.  Of course, I was wrong, as she took a swig from her two liter bottle.  That is just how she rolls.  I will refrain from stepping onto a soapbox here, but perhaps the similarity in her body size and the size of her bottle are not a coincidence.

These were the most notable incidents.  There was also a loony woman that turned off the piano and started to play herself.  She played about twelve notes of each song before turning to the closest person and saying, “How does it go again?”  Eventually a young girl came in and claimed her.  Problem solved.

I can’t wait for tomorrow when the moon is in full view!


One thought on “A Loony Day

  1. I love it! Never a dull moment in our place of employment sorry u have to work this weekend I will be in dreamland, LOL

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