The KB Tunnel

I have found a little light at the end of the KB Home Tunnel (of doom).

This is in regard to the AC emergency that we had last Saturday night (if you did not know about this please see Weekly Update IV).  Here’s what has happened since Saturday:

Monday I called to straighten out the claim from the emergency call on Saturday night.  I was transferred to twelve different people before I was told that KB would not be covering the claim because the drain was clogged, never mind the fact that the safety shutoff switch wasn’t working and there was a mystery hole on the unit that should have been covered.   So of course I explained that I was told by KB ahead of time that they would cover the Uber-Saturday-Night-Repairman-Should-Be-Home-Having-A-Beer-Fee.  The lady on the phone said nope, absolutely not, an automatic no.  I asked to speak to a manager but no manager was working.  So, I said to have the manager call me the next day.  Tuesday came and no call.  So, I called the lady back and asked for the manager again.  She put me through to voice mail (after mucho attitude) so I left a message.  Alas, today the manager, Darren, called me back (I’m convinced that she did not tell him the first time because he was very normal and had no idea what was happening).  I told him the whole story and asked for the Uber-Fee to be reimbursed and he said, wait for it…. “Certainly, I will take care of that.”  Holy Crap! Darren is the light at the end of the KB tunnel!

And it’s true, I then got a call from the AC company saying that they were not going to be charging our credit card for the Uber-Fee.  Darren was super helpful and super prompt about it.  This is worth posted as we have a had only a handful of people from KB that have actually been helpful.  All of them have “D” names:  David, Danny, and Darren.  Ha!

3 thoughts on “The KB Tunnel

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