Weekly Update IV

Lots has happened since the last Weekly Update.  First of all, we went to Disney.  Since, I’ve already posted all about that, the next thing that happened was Morgane left us!  She left on Thursday for her epic road trip across the country with 2 horses and a large dog.  Before she went though, we went over to ‘help’ her pack.  We really just went through her old clothes and T-Shirts for anything we might want.  We hit the jackpot when she found a bunch of old school shirts.  Now I can wear Rohol or Crile or Lamar on my shirt!

Saturday I worked a 12 hour shift because we are understaffed at the moment.  I was looking forward to a nice dinner and relaxing time when I returned home but about an hour and a half before I got off I got a call from Ashley.  Apparently, the AC unit was protesting the extreme temperatures outside and decided to freeze up and leak water under our lovely wood floor.  This became a huge ordeal as nothing that Ashley and Ted did fixed the problem.  They called the repair man, keep in mind we live in a new house and everything is still under warranty for another year.  The AC man had them do some more stuff and it still wasn’t working.  Alas, the guy had to come out on a Saturday night to fix the damn thing.  I first called KB corporate to let the warranty people know he was coming so they would pay for it, but of course no one was there.  Ashley found an emergency number so I called that.  The lady on the phone, who barely spoke English said “I”m so sorry you are having that problem, I will have someone call you back as soon as they can.” Click.  She hung up.  I was livid.  Eventually the guy got here as he had to drive from St. Augustine and he fixed the unit.  There was a clog of some kind and the safety switch wasn’t working.  Wtf?  Anyhow it eventually got fixed and now the floor is finally drying out.

Yesterday we went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought brand new pots and pans!  Lookie how Shiny:

We went in search of an 8 piece set and found the 14 piece set was on clearance for less!  We ended up getting the 14 piece set and a few extras for a lot less than we thought! As a bonus the set we got came with a mail in rebate for a free set of mixing bowls! Yay!  We will be cooking up a storm so watch out!

Yesterday was also Father’s Day so we had Ashley’s parents over for dinner.  We made three courses!  First course was a lovely mushroom brie (which we did not make but purchased at Whole Foods) and baked beets.  Main course is shown below.   It was a play off of something Ashley had when we were at Disney last week.  It’s “Mushroom Lasagna” but shouldn’t be called lasagna because the homemade wheat noodles aren’t layered, they are wrapped around the filling (white and shitake mushrooms, garlic, and ricotta cheese).   It’s is served over the sauce and beet leaves.

Dessert, the third course, was homemade doughnuts and espresso.  Yum.

The dinner turned out pretty good.  As a Father’s Day extra gift Ashley and I set up the poll on the left side of this page for Papa.  So, here is the explanation… When you go into a restaurant and order a coffee you usually get free refills of coffee.  So, if you order fancy coffee that actually costs more, should you be able to get a refill of regular coffee at no addition charge?  Okay, go and answer.  If you answer my poll, leave a comment that you did and why you picked your answer.  Two people, the one with the best answer and a random winner will win an actual prize. Oooh, Aaah.  I’m making two small artworks for the winners!

As you know, we got a new addition to the family a couple weeks ago.  Turns out, at first Harvey was shy and has now gotten over that and likes to run around and get into everything.  This is what I woke up to today:

As for the house, nothing has happened.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Update IV

  1. Hope this is where I comment on the poll since I couldn’t find any other place! I said yes because if I orcer a $3.00 cup of coffee and t orders a $5.00 expresso, seems like he should be able to get a refill of coffee same as me. Coffee doesn’t cost a restaurant much $. It is probably one place they have a big mark up. Besides, it will make the customer happy.

  2. I don’t even think most places serve high priced coffee except coffee houses at that point if u are going there to buy coffee and its gourmet they are not gonna refill it, those beans cost mucho denero! So if u pay 15 bucks for a cup that’s all u get a cup! No refills! Other places I understand cause they get the cheap stuff 🙂

  3. KB Home has wired up your furnace Air conditioner to the wrong power just like mine. The quote from one of the many repairs was… “the guy who knew how this thing works quit”? That didn’t say much since it was all either wired wrong or it wasn’t wired up to any electricity at all. The dampers controlled the air flow. We used 400% more electricity than we were supposed to since KB Home did not wire it right or inspected the system. So much for KB Homes advertised energy efficient Green homes – they are a farce.

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