Disney Trip: Final Day

The last day of our trip actually consisted of breakfast at Disney, then shopping at the outlets on International Drive, then shopping at Whole Foods on Sand Lake, then coming home and seeing Morgane before she set off on her journey to New Mexico.

Breakfast was at 1900 Park Fare at The Grand Floridian.  It is a character meal which means that while you eat, you are interrupted constantly in order to take photos with characters.  Here are some of mine:

Breakfast was alright.  We were reminded how ridiculous the parking situation is at the Grand Floridian.  As we left we decided to stop at the outlets and look around.  Ash got a new Fossil watch with three bands for super cheap and Victoria Secret was having a huge sale! Everything only $5.  After the outlets we headed to Whole Foods to get some staples and other food.  Then we headed home.  All in all the trip was great!  I’m glad we got to spend a few days together at Disney and remember our special day in a special way.

Unfortunately, the fun had to end at some point and we had to get back to real life.  Morgane, our bestest friend from way back and the reason that Ashley and I know each other, is moving.  As I type this she is somewhere on a road with a large horse trailer and all of her belongings headed toward New Mexico.  We spent some time with her in the evening.  We miss you already, Morgane!  Stay tuned to a hilarious guest post from her about moving across the country with her dog and horses.


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