Disney Trip: Day 1

We are back from celebrating our anniversary at Disney. Yay!  We celebrated by stuffing ourselves full of food at every possible opportunity.  I had a great time but I’m still trying to recover from all of the food we ate.  I’m going to write three separate posts about the trip, one for each day we were gone.  So here is Day 1:

We got up about 6am on Monday so that we could leave the house early and get over to Disney for the extra magic hour that started at 8am at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  We left almost on time (there was a lot to do!) and got to the hotel to check in (required to get in to the extra magic hours) around quarter of eight.  We got to the park around 8:20am and went straight to the Toy Story ride.  Now, the Toy Story ride is the whole reason that we went through all of this trouble.  There is always a huge line for it and we are major line snobs.  We do not like to wait in long lines because we have been spoiled by fastpasses and playing the system in order to get through them faster.  The line when we got there was already about an hour and the fastpass return time was 11:30am-12:30pm.  We got our fastpass and decided to roam around the park until it was time.  It turned out to be a good idea as I rode Rockin’ Roller Coaster as a single rider, we did the Disney Animation class and we got a Strawberry Banana Smoothie and a giant Peanut Butter Cupcake for Breakfast.

Note the delicious layer chocolate peanut butter fudge in the middle:

Keep in mind we were doing the Deluxe Dining plan so we used snack credits for these items.

We rode Toy Story which was a lot of fun and headed back to the hotel to unload our bags and claim our drink mugs.  Also, it was about 1 million degrees outside and I tend to melt with the slightest amount of heat.

Our lunch reservations were for 2:55 which was pretty late but we got a last-minute reservation at Le Cellier in Canada so we took it.  Also, dinner wasn’t until 8:00pm so it wasn’t so bad.  Lunch was amazing.  I will be posting restaurant reviews for all of the places we ate on the trip.

After lunch we walked around and rode The Land and The Seas with Nemo and Friends.   This is on The Land ride in the aquaculture area.

Funny pictures of us on Spaceship Earth:

As we searched for air-conditioned things to do we walked through Innoventions and noticed there was no line for the Segway rides so we hopped to it.

We made our own video game which you can go play: Ashley and Mandi Video Game.

Then, we walked around the countries and did the Kidcot thing.  You make a mask and take it around to each country and get a stamp and paper shape added to it.  We had never done it before but it was kind of cool. 

There was a show in China that I snapped a photo of:

We finished walking around the countries just in time to head over to Boardwalk for dinner at Kouzzina.  Now, since the restaurant opened I’ve wanted to try it.  We’ve heard mixed reviews and there is an obvious gay appeal since it is Cat Cora’s restaurant and is headed by Disney Chef, Dee Foundoukis: Disney Press Release.  You will have to wait for the full review on MandiMunches, but I must say that we were disappointed.  By this point we were stuffed and it was late so we headed back to the hotel to wallow in how much we ate…


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