Weekly Update II

Not much has happened in the realm of house selling.  We haven’t had a walk through with the second set of realtors yet and no showing in a few weeks.  I can’t say that we were too upset because we had other things going on.

Okay, here’s the story:  My boob’s okay now, aside from the leftover bruising and a little nick, but here’s what happened.  A couple of weeks ago I had a mystery lump.  After and initial attack of panic, I let it go for a few days to see what would happen and when it didn’t go away I had to suck it up and make an appointment with my doctor.  When I went to the appointment, she didn’t know what it was.  That was not what I wanted to hear because I was thinking she would just say, “Yeah, it’s a [insert normal non-problematic lump name here].”  But, instead she ordered an ultrasound.  So, five days later I had the ultrasound.  At this point I expected the tech to say, “Oh that’s a [insert normal non-problematic lump name here]” and move on. 

I know this is a really bad photo but I snapped it on my phone in the dark ultrasound room, this is my lump:

Instead, I had to wait for the report to come back and the doctor called and said that my lump could be a complex cyst but they would have to do a needle biopsy as recommended by the radiologist.  So, last Tuesday I went in for my giant-needle-in-the-boob-procedure.  I didn’t feel any pain or anything.  After they took out what they take out, they put a titanium clip in there for future reference and I had a mammogram (which I also didn’t feel because my boob was numb).  It came back benign, which we found out on Friday so now we are back on track.  Our major concern has shifted back to selling the house so that we can get up to Vermont ASAP! Now if we only had a buyer…

Yesterday, it rained and by rained I mean all of the water molecules in the atmosphere got together and decided to skydive to New Smyrna just to get my flip-flops wet (a pet peeve of mine) and create hazards when walking the dog.  The rain and super wind also did a number on the plants out back.  The larger tomato plants have more blooms on them but no tomatoes so we went out and got some organic plant food to help them produce.  I’m going to transplant them to the ground because they are too big for the pots now.

Ashley’s last day of school with the kids is tomorrow, June 8, and her last day working is Thursday, June 10th.  Yay!

I’ve updated the tab “Other Writing” and a new article Top 10 Disney Movies of the 90’s was posted on Moniqueblog.  Check it out!


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