Walt Disney World Gay Days 2010

So, yesterday we spent the day at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  It was the 20th anniversary of Gay Days.  Gay Day was originally started by a group of gay men that just wanted people to “wear red and be seen”.  Now the events last for more than a week and attract around 150,000 people.  We have been going for the past few years mostly just to watch the spectacle.  My favorite thing to watch is an unsuspecting straight person, usually with his wife and kids, figure out why everyone is wearing red, and wonder why he chose the most unfortunately shirt color, red, for the day.  Here are some photos from the day (but not all because due to a camera malfunction we lost some of the photos):

Waiting in line for Snow White:

The castle shot with crazy hair:

Waiting for the Electrical Light Parade to start.  People were taking their spots 2 hours before the parade started!  It was the first time the parade has run at Disney World since 1999(I think):

Elliot, the best float ever:

Another shot of Elliot:

And of course, no parade surrounded by gays would be complete without a person doing the “Single Ladies” dance. ha

On the tram back to our car we got split up by this dad and two kids, a little boy and a little girl about four or five years old.  She was looking at me very intently for a few minutes while we stood in line and then we sat down on the tram she finally got the nerve to talk.  Here is our convo:

Little Girl: “Are you a boy or a girl?”

Me: “A girl.”

Little Girl: “Oh.  Do you like my bracelet?”

Me: “Yes.  It’s matches your shirt”

Little Girl: [looks at shirt] Oh yeah.

Me: “Did you have fun today?”

Little Girl: “Yeah.”

Then we got off the tram and I got to thinking.  I’m never offended when a little kid asks me if I’m a boy or girl because they aren’t asking to be rude.  They just want to know.  In this case, she wanted to know so she could talk to me about her bracelet.  It was too cute.

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