Weekly Update

My blogging has up until now been somewhat spotty.  I usually update when I have something to say which could be everyday for ten days and then not for two weeks.  I’m going to write weekly updates to try to keep you evenly posted on what is happening with our progress on moving and other random events.  I’m going to post these on Mondays in the future.  We are also going to try out Wordless Wednesdays.  Where we just post one or more cool photos every Wednesday.  Regular updates will still continue when I have extra things to say.  Here is the first weekly update!

Our tomatoes and peppers are really starting to make progress growing.  The two small heirloom tomato plants that we purchased are now a few feet tall and blooming, which means they will be producing fruit soon!  They have some little white swirly things on the leaves which are from tiny little worms and I’m not sure what to do about this and keep the plants organic.  Any ideas?

The blooms:

Ashley made bread yesterday and it turned out perfect!  I love my wife!  She has been perfecting her recipe for sandwich bread and croutons.  The croutons were light and crispy and delicious and the sandwich bread looked like it had been made by a machine.  We are slowly working in our completely organic and homemade foods.  I would say we are about 90% organic at home now.  There are still a few items that we either haven’t found organic around here (stupid Florida.lol) or we haven’t gotten the nerve to make ourselves yet.  We will get there though.  Here is the beautiful bread (photo from phone):

The loaf in the middle that is round is cut into pieces, tossed with oil and Herbs de Provence, and re-baked until crispy.  They come out like this:

Another thing that is worth noting (and jumping for joy about) is my treadmill is working! Yay!  I can run now in the afternoons in the AC instead of having to pass out at least twice a week because it’s 90+ degrees outside… and I’m on mile 7…. and need water… now…  Thank you to the persistent laboring and small electric shocks that were endured by my father-in-law, Ted, to complete the project!

I’m waiting to hear back from the realtor about when the East Volusia agents are going walk through the house this week and a date for an open house.  Wish us luck!


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