More about the weekend..

In addition to all of the excitement of the Balloon Fest last weekend, we also attended a friend’s high school graduation and graduation party, and went to Disney with our friends (Morgane and Louis).  Let me just take a moment to say Congratulations, Madi!  Go off and do crazy awesome, successful things and don’t forget about us!

Sunday, we spent the day at Walt Disney World.  We went first to The Magic Kingdom.  We rode Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Small World, Snow White, The Carousel, The People Mover and got Mickey ice creams and took pictures in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Then we hopped on the monorail and went over to Epcot where we started our walk around the world.  We got halfway through one country when I realized in a very non-panicky sort of way that I forgot my phone on the monorail.  I was more annoyed that we had to walk back to the front of the park than I was that I lost my phone (I was secretly already planning which new phone I was going to buy when no one turned it in).  So the person at Guest Relations in Epcot was only mildly helpful in that she gave me to number to Lost and Found so that I could call them.  She did not offer to call over to the monorail station to see if it had been turned it.  So, I called and was told they would not receive it until the next day and to call back tomorrow.  If they had it then, they would ship it to me.  What a hassle!  So, we went back on our way around the world.  When we got around to Africa I got a delicious root beer float (which I’ve never had before).  We also stopped in France for a baguette.  We took our time through the countries and then rode Imagination, The Land, and The Seas.  There was no way we were going to wait 75 minutes to ride Soarin’.  We rode the monorail back to the Ticket and Transportation Center and thought why not ask at Lost and Found if they had my phone… and they did!  So, after being relieved and somewhat disappointed at the same time (about my lack of new phone), we headed over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, where we looked at the animals and ate dinner at Sanaa.  We both  really like Sanaa!  It was actually our second time there but it was delicious.  I have started another blog to write restaurant reviews and Sanaa was my first review! Go check it out:

Mandi Munches

Oh and we saw Stitch in Epcot with no line to visit so we got a photo.

Thinking back on the day, I will definitely miss Disney days when we move.  I know that we will be in Florida often enough though to see family and I’m sure we can drag them to Disney when we are here visiting.  Right Mama and Papa?


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