Tiny little glimmer

Tiny little glimmering drop of house selling update: Rich, our new realtor did a caravan yesterday with people from his office.  He is going to do another one next week and hopefully they will spark some interest.  Luckily, I had just mowed and trimmed and planted and the yard looked nice.  I need to post a photo of the tomatoes and peppers now.  They are doing quite well for being from a seed and with out planting record.  The heirloom tomato plants that we bought are blooming and should be about ready to produce some produce! Yay!

Side note: It was an early morning at work today, and I dealt with about 10 sets of cranky people before 6:00am.  I understand that it is early, and that you are nervous about your surgery or baby-having, but really, is it necessary to be so rude?  I can’t help but wonder if people in Vermont would be so rude or if it is just nasty Florida (heh)?  When we were there I don’t think we encountered a rude person either trip…

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