Picking a Realtor

Here’s the deal.  We picked a new realtor yesterday.  We went with a different company and a different gender.  We don’t have anything against women(clearly), but for some reason working with them just hasn’t worked out for us.  We had similar issues with the women realtors we worked with in Vermont.  Men are just frank when they talk and easy to get along with.  So, we picked a man realtor that was a recommendation from a friend in the business.  He gave us an open ended contract that we can drop at any time with no conditions.  We are happy with what he had to say and what he plans on doing to sell the house.  So, we’ll see what happens.  Joesph and Rich are the men now!

This is what Bella thinks of the 95 degree temperatures from the past few days.  Moi aussi, Belle!

Snickers with a sweatband… Ha

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