Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Big news on the house selling front.  No, we did not sell our house, that would require having an effective realtor.  In fact, we have NO realtor at the moment.  Our contract with our previous realtor was supposed to last through mid June (which we were not happy about).  But, after the last cat puke event and having our realtor never going to showings or following up with clients, I called the broker and ditched the contract.  That cat puke thing was one of several events that made us unhappy with the realtor, had she gone to the showing the issue could have been diffused.  Also, she had not followed up with several house lookers that were showing interest and was not aggressive with advertising.  So, when I called and explained the situation to the broker and told her that I wanted out of the contract unconditionally, she was eager to please.  So now we are on to the task of finding a new realtor that is eager and willing to please.  We are high maintenance people and we know it.  I stopped by and asked a good friend of ours that is in the business who he could recommend and I’ll be calling some folks tomorrow.  We are going to take some photos of the house today and post it on a few social/business networking sites in the meantime and if someone is interested would be willing to sell by owner (I think mostly just to feel like we are doing something and let it be out there that the house is still for sell).  In related news, there’s only one lot left in our subdivision and it should be gone soon, so our competition there is going to be moving out.  All these things considered, I feel like we will be able to get somewhere with our house selling. 

On another note, we are experiencing dreadful temperatures here in Florida and it will continue until… well essentially until we move north.  I got very excited about a treadmill that Ashley grandmother was no longer using.  We went up there and picked it up, brought it home, plugged it in, and nothing.  It is mysteriously not working now.  I’m bummed because I am supposed to run 11 miles on Tuesday and I’m afraid I may pass out with these sorts of temperatures.  (BTW. I’m hovering around 10-12miles as my long run days because of the impact long runs have on your body.  The marathon, which I will be signing up for in the next couple of weeks is in January 2011 so I have some time to build up distance.)

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