Showing, Showing, Shown

Despite the mad rush to clean things before the showing, it did not go well.  Apparently, one or both of our cats do not want to move because just before the home-lookers showed up one of them decided to hack up breakfast and the same one or the other decided to take a major poop and stink up the place.  On top of that, the realtor that showed the house could not figure out how to lock the front door when they left and claims that it was a lock problem, not an intelligence problem.  I’m not so sure because when I got home I was able to lock it just fine.  Between these two events I’m not surprised that the family wasn’t interested.  Our realtor called promptly after the showing (I think less because she was following up than the fact that they left the house unlocked) and told me the news.  She also said that they family was looking for a house with a larger yard.  Not something I can arrange so oh well.  All three issues were out of our control and out of Joseph’s control as well.

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