A little update on the plant drama (and house drama)…

Tomatoes are continuing to grow.  There aren’t a lot of them in numbers but the ones that are growing are doing well. Sorry the pic is a little blurry.

The pepper seeds that I planted, which I didn’t even take a picture of because there was nothing there before, are taking over their planter.  I am thinking I need to re-space them as they get a little bigger or they will be restricted.

As for the house, I spoke with the realtor yesterday and was confirmed in my thought that she hasn’t done anything else to sell our house.  At this point I hope the house sells ASAP but I won’t be upset if it doesn’t sell before the contract is up because for her to make money for doing NOTHING would make me a little angry.  I am still giving it another week to see if anything comes of the last people who were interested.  They had to wait a few weeks before doing anything because of their property in another state.  Otherwise, I am going to start getting names of aggressive realtors in the area from my connected friend and start interviewing them.

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